Level 53 – Overcoming Failure

You failed! Again. And again.

Okay, I admit it. Over the last several days, I’ve been locked out mutiple times trying to slay the beast that is Level 53. I’m stuck. Yes, Candy Crush!

I know what you’re thinking, “How can he only be on Level 53?” Well, I just am.

Candy Crush - Level 52 fail

I’ve played Level 53 over and over and failed and failed. I’ve worked on improving my craft. I’ve tried different strategies. I’ve tried aligning my color bomb/sprinkled chocolate with a blue planet striped candy, but I got the same result. Failure.

I could have given up. After all, it’s just a game. The thing is, I’m a competitive person. If I’m not careful it can morph into addiction. Obviously, my addiction for Candy Crush is pretty moderate by proof of my current level.

Well, early Saturday morning, I beat Level 53 in Candy Crush. It was AWESOME!

But how did I do it when my skills alone simply weren’t enough to get the job done? Three things happened.

First, I did work on improving. I refined my strategy and over time, I got better. There is no substitute for experience. Problem was, it was never enough to beat the level. I simply wasn’t smart enough to win.

Improving my skill was important, but the key was that I never gave up. I persevered until the third and final piece of the puzzle presented itself.

The final key ingredient was to be presented with the right situation. The timing had to be just so. I needed the stars to align. What I needed was a little serendipity!

Finally, the red striped candy lined up with the color bomb/sprinkled chocolate multiple times. The striped yellow teardrop cozied up to the packaged green pillow – over and over again.  The screen lit up and I heard, “Divine.” “Sweet.” “Delicious.” Not only did I beat Level 53, I had a couple moves left when the screen declared, “Sugar Crush.” 

I knew I was smart enough to beat Level 53! I’ll cover lessons on self awareness in a future post.

We all face challenges and failure daily. Challenges much bigger and much more important than leveling up on Candy Crush.

The reality is that we will fail over and over, again and again. That’s life. How we respond to failure is a choice. Will we accept failure or keep trying?

For most mere mortals, overcoming failure requires three key ingredients:

  1. Practice. Practice. Practice. Work on perfecting your craft. Always be looking for ways to improve and learn. As LeBron James likes to say, “strive for greatness.”
  2. The Power of Perseverance. Never, ever give up. If you want to learn more on this subject, check out Angela Duckworth’s compelling book on this topic called Grit.
  3. The right environment. Good timing. Or just call it what it is…LUCK!

When all three of them come together, you will LEVEL UP. Not only in Candy Crush, but in life.

As Michael Jordan famously said, “I failed over and over and over again in my life….and that is why I succeed.”



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